24 September 2010
Es estupendo ser Gx! (19 Gx)
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1.- Having 8 months old playing on Voobly.

2.- Be a good player, rated 2200 + overall.

3.- Be loyal to the clan and not have more than 2 clans..

4.- Do not make any kind of traps (hack, PT, etc.)

5.- Being cool and not fighter with other people.

6.- Peace and love for all xDD.s..

7 .- The most important thing to be loyal to the clan!

8 .- Oh and another thing, do not disturb the s0mbra because it has the tula girl]

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*Read the forum and let us know, who u are! Don't forget to send ur request (by posting)

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*Lee el foro, y haznos saber quien eres, y no olvides dejar tu solicitud. (por medio del foro)

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